Frequently Asked Questions ​

How do the Letters work?

Each letter is hand built and equipped with low wattage LED light bulbs which plug into a standard 110 volt outlet.

How tall and wide are the Letters?

The letters stand 4 feet tall, 2 feet wide, and 6 inches deep. 

Do the Letters require any specific set up or any other requirements?

The letters require a standard 110 volt outlet and we will supply any extension cords needed. The letters can be placed indoors or outdoors and can be placed on a flat surfaces, including grass. 

Is there a delivery charge?

Our charges are based on your venue location.

How does the delivery and pick-up work?

We will deliver to your venue on the day of your event prior to your start time and we will pick up the letters as required by your venue.

How do I pay for the Letters?

We will send you a Rental Agreement and PayPal request for your $100 deposit.  Thirty days prior to your special day, we will send another PayPal request for the balance.

Are there any restrictions for the Letters?

Once we set them up, we only ask you to please not move them in case of any damage.  Also, our letters are not waterproof. Therefore, any outdoor event that may be expecting rain, the letters must be covered.

Can I rent specific Letters only?

We are currently expanding our letter selection. But yes, you can rent specific letters if they are available. 

Why choose Letters2Lights?

We strive to make your event special and something you will always remember. We believe our one of a kind letters add that special touch and that WOW factor you are looking for to make your special day, even more special!  ​Our motto is "a treasured moment captured for a lifetime".  Your event wouldn't be the same without Letters2Lights!